Packing can be one of the most agonizing parts of preparing for your vacation. But we’re trying to make it easier, so you can focus on the important things, like what you want to do when you get here or where to find the best beach (check out this post about beaches!) We searched high and low for expert advice and compiled it here for your reading convenience. Let’s get started!

Start with a great bag.
Places like TJ Maxx, Ross and Marshals sell high-quality bags for a fraction of their retail value (that is the premise of the whole store) but you can find a great bag very affordable. Remember, luggage is something that you will have with you for multiple trips, so spending a little more for the bag with the hidden pockets or the flashy color is worth the extra buck!

Make a List
Lists help all of us stay organized. Lists also help you pack days before your departure. Start creating a list of all the items you’ll need days (even weeks) in advance, then when it comes to putting things in your suitcase, you are starting with more organization, even a purpose. Also, this list will come in handy when you are packing to come home, allowing you to make sure you leave with everything you came with.

What to Pack
Experts recommend packing in outfits; planning daily outfits for the length of your tip. You could also pick neutral colors to mix and match outfits making even more options. Don’t forget the essentials: Toothbrush, hairbrush, sunscreen, and health needs like prescriptions.

Roll your clothes
To fit more into your bag, with less wrinkles, roll your clothes. Travel experts across the board swear by this method. And if it means that you’re able to fit more in your suitcase that means more options or souvenirs! Win!

Bring 3 pairs of shoes
The 3 pairs you need are: a comfortable, everyday shoe like flats or loafers; a pair of dress shoes, for those special nights; and tennis shoes or other active shoes, allowing you to experience all the great possibilities of vacation. Everything else is just extra weight that you probably won’t wear. And if you aren’t going to wear it, why waste space in your suitcase bringing it?

Bring an extra bag
It’s a good idea to pack a spare bag for all the goodies you may buy on your trip. This could also be used to sort dirty clothes from clean ones, or separate wet items if you are going to a beach or swimming pool.

Forgot something?
Buy a new one here! We’ve got tons of great shopping experiences in the Virginia Beach Area. Check out this post to get an idea. Besides, everyone needs a Virginia Beach T-shirt to prove they really came, experienced, and enjoyed!

Did we forget anything? Let us know if there is an essential that you must bring when you travel.