Employees receive bonus and other niceties on Employee Appreciation Day

The health pandemic might be putting a damper on the travel industry, but that didn’t stop VSA Resorts from celebrating big on Employee Appreciation Day.

“Our employees are at the heart of what we do,” said VSA President and CFO, Lori Overholt. “Employees show up and do what they need to do in order to get the job done. They never gave up during the pandemic, and we want to show them we see their hard work and dedication.”

To thank employees, VSA rewarded all 100 employees various forms of a bonus. Managers of each department were also given a budget to appreciate their employees.

Some managers got together and rented two theaters so associates could have their pick of two first-run films.

“It’s been a rough year for all of us,” Overholt said. “This is just a little something we can do to provide a bright spot in people’s lives.”

Even though VSA did not meet their revenue goals due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they are not cutting costs with employees.

“We want to recognize their hard work and commitment,” Overholt said. “It’s nice to bring a smile to their faces.”

All full-time employees who started before March 1, 2020 also received a $500 bonus. Part-time employees were included, and they were given a $200 bonus. Rates were adjusted for others, depending on start dates.

“We wanted everyone to have something,” Overholt said. “No one was left out.”

About VSA Resorts:
Resorts is a three-property hospitality and vacation ownership company dedicated to building positive, memorable experiences for owners and guests through Value, Service and Atmosphere.  Located in popular tourist destination Virginia Beach, Virginia, VSA Resorts entered the vacation ownership business in 1990 with the Ocean Key Resort  and Atrium Resorts .  The Ocean Sands Resort   was acquired in 1998.  VSA Resorts employs nearly 100 people and has an owner membership of over 13,000.  In 2013, VSA Association Management was created to provide the same quality management services to homeowner associations.  www.vsaresorts.com