Vacations aren’t just fun, they impact your health in a positive way. They also benefit your relationships and your whole family’s total well-being. It is proven that by taking your vacation days, your work productivity will also increase. Basically, there is no good reason NOT to vacation!

1. Vacations lower your risk for heart disease
Heart attack and stroke are the biggest cause of death in the United States today. Your chances of heart disease increase with stress. Studies show that when you vacation at least 1 week per year, your stress decreases immensely. Even planning a vacation will lower your usual stress as you take your mind off the daily grind and focus on something you’re looking forward to. Not to mention the time you’re on vacation and the benefits of increased sunlight, better sleep, and a break from the norm.

2. Vacations make your kids smarter, happier, healthier
Many psychologists agree that spending money on vacations is more beneficial to your kids’ well-being and development than spending money on toys that they will out-grow. It’s an opportunity to experience fun with the whole family uninterrupted by daily anxiety, like work or home repairs. Vacationing will also increase your kids’ brain function such as their overall IQ, make them more sociable, and will keep them out of trouble. Family vacations become a memory that children will cherish for a long time.

3. Vacations make you more productive
Over half of all working Americans will not take advantage of their vacation days this year. Many people feel pressured to stay long hours and work as long as possible to be better employees; however, people who take advantage of their vacation days are actually much more productive than those who don’t. Whether it’s the increased rest or immersing yourself in a new environment, getting away from the work will allow you to come back with a new approach and a renewed sense of purpose.

4. Vacations help your relationships
Exploring someplace new or going someplace to relax can strengthen your relationships. Studies show that couples who take time for themselves and spend uninterrupted time together, build stronger relationships. Vacationing as a couple will allow both of you to focus on each other and be yourself. It’s an opportunity to work together, enjoy each other and talk about things that matter one-on-one. Many couples also state that traveling together is more meaningful than gifts, including expensive gifts like jewelry.

So add “more vacations” to your goals this year if you haven’t already. You will see the benefits in your health, work and relationships. There really isn’t a good reason NOT to take your vacation.

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