It’s important to begin your day with something great. You are on vacation, after all. And with so many delicious places to grab some breakfast, there’s no excuse to go through your morning hungry!

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite breakfast places.

Something for Everyone — Big Sam’s Raw Bar $$
Big Sam’s is a local favorite – they do pretty much everything well! And breakfast is no exception. Start with their famous Grandma’s Pancakes or the hearty, protein-packed, appropriately named, The Waterman (3 eggs made your way, a jumbo lump crab cake and hash browns with toast or a biscuit). When you’re here, it’s hard to tell who’s a local and who’s on vacation! Everyone has a great time, the wait staff is friendly and they’ve got drink specials all day long (Morning mimosa happy hour!? Yes please!)

Healthy choice – Zeke’s VB $
If you want something on the healthier side, or want something that really feels like a beach/vacation meal, this is your spot! The Acai Bowls are delicious and great for a hot day or when you’re on your way to the beach. If you’re going to be surfing or need the extra energy try the Egg Breakfasts, particularly the Fajita Breakfast (A bowl of 2 eggs, cheddar jack cheese, chorizo, sweet onion, tomato, avocado and fajita sauce) with a smoothie, like the strawberry nut (SO good!).

#EatLocal – Commune $$
This is the trendy spot that will delight your Instagram feed, fill your friends with envy, and taste more amazing than the pictures look! Not to mention, all of the ingredients are local and constantly changing. If you visit Virginia Beach now then again later in the year, you’ll experience a different menu. It’s fun to always have something new, and another thing you need to try! Whatever version of the Eggs Benedict they have on the menu is a winner. (Farm Fresh eggs, fluffy baked biscuits, and toppings that often include seasonal vegetables and tender meats) They also have a breakfast happy hour that is a breakfast sandwich and cup of coffee for only $5.

For quieter mornings – Three Ships Coffee $
If you want to start your day, quietly or with your morning reading, check out this coffee shop! All the coffee is roasted in house and pastries are baked daily. Opt for the Pungo Latte which features a local flavor, in the summer its strawberries (That’s right, strawberry in your coffee, and it’s absolutely delicious!) Grab a newspaper or a Virginia Beach Travel guide, and plan your day from here with a latte in hand and a muffin on the side.

Funky Family Friendly – Surf Java $$
You have probably seen the giant fish painted all over this building, or the sunrise beach mural on the back. It’s a colorful and vibrant place that will wake you up with the kind service and fun options. Start with a signature latte, be it Salted Caramel or an indulgent Toasted Marshmallow. Then add on a breakfast melt sandwich like the Lighthouse Melt (Scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, cream cheese, cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, spinach, tomato, sriracha, mayo, melty and stacked on open faced toast) Only those with healthy appetites should come here. (You will want to lick the plate).

Feeling Southern — May’s Parlor $
This is a pretty bakery in a quaint house right in the middle of the busy Oceanfront. They have a huge variety of pastries and other baked breakfast indulgences. Everything looks appetizing and smells even better when you walk in the door. Grab a cup of coffee and a Morning Bun or Danish and sit outside to watch the busy Oceanfront. Stay a while and once you finish your breakfast, indulge in a slice of cake! (Or get one to go!) You’re on vacation, go for it!