Ways to Battle Mess When Traveling With Kids

Tips to remember when planning family Spring Break travel.

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Traveling with kids is bound to be full of surprises. Some surprises will be sweet and full of family bonding, while others will be sticky or dirty. The best way to battle mess while on the go is to arm yourself with the best tools and options to prevent a mess before it happens, and quickly eliminate it when it does.

Tried and True Mess-free Travel Snacks

No snack can really claim to be completely mess-free, whether it’s intended for kids or adults. But, steps can definitely be taken to limit the amount of mess made by a snack and prevent unnecessary crumbs and stickiness.

  • Granola Bars

Pros- They come in individual packages, are relatively healthy, and all of the bits stick together to make fewer crumbs.

Cons- They can make little fingers sticky, some brands have high sugar (sugared up kids and confined spaces do not mix), and they can always be dropped for mom to find stuffed between car seats later.

  • Carrot sticks

Pros- They are practically perfect and make no crumbs.

Cons- They may require lunch box, dips can be messy, and are technically a “vegetable,” which can repulse young eaters.

Snack Transportation

When contemplating snack storage options there are three classic choices: Tupperware, Ziplock Bags, lunch boxes, or some combination of the three. While, these are all excellent options, some companies have produced creative alternatives for all of your snack mess-preventing organizational needs.

  • The Munchkin Snack Catcher has clever design perfect for travel. It is designed to hold finger snacks like dry serial or crackers and comes with two handles for added convenience. The kicker for this snack delivery system is that the special lid is made of flexible rubber that allows little hands in and out for retrieval but stops snacks from spilling if the cup is overturned.
  • This Organize-It Kids Backseat Auto Organizer is a life-saver for long car trips. This storage solution buckles right into a vacant seat and can hold whatever you need: snacks, games, books, you name it. It has separate compartments to keep things organize and (this might be the best part) it has a shoulder strap so you can just take the whole thing with you where ever you need to go.

Clean-up Products On-The-Go

For all your planning, disaster has struck! Maybe something has spilled, someone isn’t feeling well, or just general mess has descended on your once happy caravan. Do not despair! Keeping the right travel clean up products handy can mean the difference between magical memories and chaos.

  • Moist wipes

Moist wipes are a must have when traveling, with or without little ones. You can get travel sized wipes designed to do almost anything. Companies like La Fresh offer wipes to cleanse your face, kiddos, and even apply insect repellent and sunscreen in convenient individual packets. You can also get travel packs of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes for easy sanitation and clean up.

  • Stain Pens

To keep everyone’s clothes as fresh and presentable as possible a stain pen can be a huge help. Spills happen, and when they do products like Tide To Go or Dryel On The Go can save your outfit and keep you from having to change or travel messy.

  • Trash bags

Trash bags are great to include as a kind of messiness insurance policy. If you have a mess disaster that results in heavily soiled shoes, clothes, travel pillows, or really anything, a trash bag can help you contain the mess and stay on the move. They’re also handy to have for your return trip to keep your dirty clothes from mussing up your luggage.

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