Virginia Beach Welcomes “Before I Die” Wall

The wall can be seen in more than 60 countries and will now call the Virginia Beach oceanfront home.


November 15, 2016 . . . VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – Before I die I want to right all my wrongs.  Before I die, I want to feel comfortable in my own skin.

These are just two of the dreams scribbled on a Before I Die wall in Tampa, Florida. What started as an experiment in making a public space a shared inspirational space and grown into a global art project.

Candy Chang created the first Before I Die wall in 2011 on the side of an abandoned building in New Orleans after losing a close friend to liver cancer. The wall was gone a few months later when a developer started construction at the site. However, the movement has grown. More than 400 walls have sprung up in 60 countries from Afghanistan to Chile, and in 25 languages.


Carl Gress Constructing the VB Before I Die Wall at VSA Resorts

Carl Gress constructing the official Virginia Beach Before I Die Wall at VSA Resorts.

Virginia Beach will be the home of the next Before I Die wall at 17th Street and Atlantic Avenue. Thanks to the efforts of Nadine Paniccia, Vice President of Sales and Marketing with VSA Resorts, the wall is currently under construction.


“The 17th Street location is vitally important as it truly is the gateway to the Virginia Beach oceanfront,” Paniccia said. “What better place to add inspiration – where most people enter and exit the oceanfront.”

The concept started after Lori Overholt, president and CFO of VSA Resorts, went on a family vacation to Austin and saw the wall in person. She came back and brainstormed what it would take to get a wall in Virginia Beach. Paniccia took over from there.

However, the Before I Die wall will be more than just a chalkboard fixture.  It will be a permanent part of the new resort underway at that location.

“VSA Resorts has expansion plans, and when the 17th street location came up for sale, we jumped on the opportunity,” Paniccia said. “The Before I Die wall will be a permanent art installation creatively incorporated into the design of any project we ultimately move forward with on the property.”

Until then, VSA Resorts is working on completing construction of the Before I Die wall and is planning a grand opening ceremony.

“We want to share the hopes and dreams of our local residents and the people who come from around the world to visit Virginia Beach,” Paniccia said. “What do you want to do before you die?”



Media Contact:
Nadine Paniccia
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
VSA Resorts
424 Atlantic Ave.
Virginia Beach, VA  23451