The Perfect Day at the Virginia Beach Pier

The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier is a true landmark on the oceanfront.

Virginia Bech Fishing PierIt’s centrally located, directly connected to the boardwalk, and within walking distance of many different options for dining, shopping and other beach-y activities. The saying goes, “there are plenty of fish in the sea” and it’s definitely true. There ARE plenty of fish in the sea and one of the best things to do in Virginia Beach and see how many of them you can catch in an afternoon. The Pier is the perfect place to spend the day fishing or crabbing (even if you’re just learning how).

Beginning on Memorial Day the Pier is open 24 hours a day for the summer season. Admission costs $10 per adult, $5 per child under 12 years, and $2 per spectator. Anglers are allowed 2 fishing rods or crab nets each. Fishing rods can be rented for $8 per rod (but you can also bring your own). There is a tackle shop right across from the Pier so between that and the rod or crab cage rentals, you can show up empty handed and still have a great day of fishing. There’s no need to search the city or take up space in your luggage with a lot of gear — everything that you could need for a full day of fishing is right at your finger tips. Anyone who fishes from the pier does not need to have a fishing license, all you have to worry about is spending a beautiful day in the sea breeze!

If you find yourself working up an appetite from your day of fishing or crabbing, just a few steps from the action you will find Ocean Eddies, the restaurant on the pier. It was first opened in the 1950s as a snack bar for tourists and locals alike. Situated right on the Pier, the restaurant boasts great views to enjoy while you eat. Daily specials can range from chicken lumpia, to fried flounder, to key lime pie. While they do focus on seafood, they also offer alternatives for those looking for less surf and more turf, like fabulous salads, burgers and sandwiches. And don’t forget the drinks! Along with classic cocktails like the Piña-Colata, Ocean Eddies proudly serves Devil’s Backbone Striped Bass Pale Ale. Every purchase of this beer helps to support the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, which fights everyday to restore and maintain clean water in the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding waterways.

Fishing might be the main attraction, but the pier has more to offer. Across from Ocean Eddies there is an adorable gift shop, so you can find that elusive perfect souvenir.  Goods range from live hermit crabs, to novelty shot glasses, pirate flags, tee shirts, hats, and anything that can be covered in seashells. Don’t forget to look for their famous homemade fudge; it is amazing.  The pier also offers some gorgeous views of the boardwalk, beaches and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Keep an eye out for wildlife like dolphins, brown pelicans, and sea turtles. If fishing doesn’t seem that exciting to you, it might be worth the $2 spectator fee just to take a leisurely stroll along the pier and take in the sights.

VSA Resorts has three beautiful resort properties all within a boardwalk’s stroll to the Pier.  Give us a call to reserve your stay.  800.340.1158