Stress-busting Travel Checklist

Planning Vacation the Stress-Free Way

Travel of any kind is stressful enough without the hiccups that inevitably come along. The best way to combat this is to plan and prep everything ahead of time. It’s like you’ve started your vacation early. A solid checklist such as the one we provided below can help you prepare and rest easy knowing you’ve covered all your bases.

Paper work and passports
Get all of your paper work in order ahead of time. Keep in mind a passport can take a few weeks to process, so if you need it, get the ball rolling early. You can look online for specific information about your country’s requirements. Information about passport application or renewals can be found on government websites such as the one for US citizens offered by the Federal government.

Prepare your transportation
If you are flying or taking a train you will need to choose an airline/railroad company and book your ticket. If you plan to drive once your reach your destination you’ll need to book a rental car. If you are driving yourself; make sure your car is in working order: check the oil, tire pressure, and fill up the gas take before you leave.

Book your accommodations
It’s a good idea to make your bookings ahead of time, this way you’ll never be left frantically searching for a room in an unfamiliar city. Making reservations early can help ensure a destination and price of choice.

Scout your destination
Whether traveling for business or pleasure, scouting out attractions, restaurants, and activities can help make your trip memorable without letting it get stressful. Many cities have official travel websites like the one offered by Virginia Beach. If you are traveling internationally, it can also be helpful to brush up on local lingo and customs to head off any confusion or misunderstandings.

Check the forecast
While researching your destination, check the local weather forecast. You won’t be able to rely on it completely, but it can give you a good idea of what to expect and can help you pack more effectively. Websites such as the The Weather Channel are a good place to start.

You can divide your luggage into two main sections: luggage you will check, and your carryon. Pack clothes and shoes in your larger check luggage, but keep essentials such as chargers, money, and medications in your carry on for easy access. Keep in mind all prescriptions will need to be in a labeled prescription bottle.

Snacks and entertainment
Choose your travel snacks and entertainment ahead of time and pack them in your carryon bag.

Money and banking
If you are traveling internationally, be sure to alert your bank ahead of time. Check exchange rates before you leave and get some local currency to keep close by in case of an emergency. You can check up to date exchange rates on a number of different websites like

Know what to expect with security
Security guidelines and restrictions can change quickly. Be sure you have information that is as current as possible. This makes it easier to pack correctly and keep you from any unpleasant surprises.

Prep your home
It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning a trip, but don’t forget about the home front. If you have pets or even houseplants that will need care, ask a friend or loved one to help you out. Websites such as can also help you find reliable house/pet sitters. Clean up a little bit before you leave, nothing kills vacation-induced relaxation like coming home to a disaster.

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