COVID-19 Update for RCI Members

April 2, 2020


For all Valued VSA Owners who are also RCI Members, a message from RCI regarding your membership and travel during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Thank you for choosing VSA and RCI.  We look forward to seeing you later this summer on your next VSA vacation.

First, there are no words to describe what our world has been through over the last several weeks. The coronavirus / COVID-19 global pandemic has significantly altered and impacted our communities. Our hearts are with you and all members near and far who’ve been impacted. We recognize that many of you had to take a collective pause from day-to-day activities, celebrating milestones, and things you’ve anticipated ─ including vacations with RCI.

While your upcoming plans may be temporarily on hold, once things begin to return to normal, we’ll be here to help you get back to what you enjoy ─ traveling and creating lifelong memories. We remain optimistic as glimmers of resiliency begin to take shape in Asia and compassion serves as the standard in North America and Europe during this pandemic.

Flexibility in Travel

We’re so grateful to many of you who’ve contacted us about the need for flexibility and understanding during this crisis. Please know that no matter where you live or your current comfort level to travel, RCI is committed to offering you flexibility around your upcoming vacations.

These cancellation updates were made with you in mind:

  • At this time, you may cancel confirmed points and weeks reservations that have a check-in date up to 30 days in advance.
  • To receive an exchange fee credit for a future reservation, complete the cancellation form on the RCI website or contact a Vacation Guide to receive an exchange fee credit for a future reservation.
  • This exchange fee credit will be available for 180 days from your cancellation date in order to book a new reservation.
  • Please note that hotel, rental car, cruise, and activities cancellation policies are based on the individual provider and are not included in the RCI exchange cancellation policy.

We’ll do our best to make adjustments to serve your needs during this time. You can also view complete cancellation policy details at, and stay connected with us on our social pages for the latest updates.

Serving our members is a tremendous privilege. It’s times like these where we realize the power of a moment and supporting one another. Thank you for being a part of the RCI community. We’ll be here every step of the way in getting you the support you currently need, and back on vacation when the time is right. Remember, there is power in hope, strength in patience, and light in faith.

Please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

The RCI Team