Living The “Healthy” Life


Living The “Healthy” Life
By Nadine Paniccia


We are a few days into the New Year and many of us have given thought to ways in which we can change our lives for the better in 2015. The reality is that change, big or small, really doesn’t matter unless we have our health.

It’s no surprise that the United States boasts one of the most stressed out work forces in the world. In our “do more with less economy”, companies expect the average worker to perform the job of three people better than three people used to perform it. Our productivity obsessed lifestyle often results in a necessity to manage double income households in order to maintain even a modest standard of living while simultaneously creating emotionally healthy environments in which to raise a family. Talk about stress! And, yet, the majority of us do not actually take off the vacation time allotted us by our employers.

The result can be an erosion of our quality of life as is evident through the increased and epidemic proportion of folks who seek ways to cope for obesity and sleepless nights, for example, in a pill.

The benefits inherent in taking time off and using every vacation day offered annually, can improve your quality of life. From bonding with your spouse, to strengthening family ties to simply taking time off for yourself, vacations are a prescription for a better way to live in 2015 and beyond.


Here are some things to think about for 2015:

Vacations make you smarter!

Vacations result in a higher quality of sleep!

Vacations reduce the risk of heart attack!

Vacations reduce stress, which makes you fat!

Vacations can save your mental health!


I don’t know about you, however, the more I think about improving my quality of life this year, the more committed I am to taking advantage of the vacation days allotted me by my company. Like many Americans, I am guilty of not making time to take time – and, ironically, I work in the Timeshare industry. It’s time to put my money where my mouth is and join the hundreds of thousands of Americans who make the most of their vacation investment and actually use it – year after year.

2015 is the start of something new for me. Happy New Year! And, Happy Travels