Five Great Reasons to Book Your Vacation Early

Sometimes running off on a spur of the moment trip is just the ticket. However, there are so many advantages to booking your vacation in advance.  Early booking isn’t just for meticulous planners either: you can book your trip early and still maintain an air of spontaneity.

  1. All the Options You Could Want

The earlier you book your vacation the more likely it will be you get your pick of everything: flights, rental cars, activities, you name it. The closer you are to your vacation’s tee-off date, the more likely it is you will have to compete for booking space, or at least not get your first pick on every detail. But, as they say, the early bird gets the worm, and early bookers get OPTIONS.

  1. Super Savings

Early bookers get more than just options; they usually get savings, too.  Airlines and vacation companies tend to do everything they can to ensure they are booked as close to capacity as possible. To incentivize customers to book early they often have special deals for advanced tickets.  However, if you are worried about prices changing after you’ve booked, rest easy.  In the unlikely event prices decrease after you’ve booked, many companies have deals to make up the difference.  Be sure to check out price guarantee options before you finalize your booking.

  1. Less Stress

If you book your vacation months in advance, you can plan your trip at your own pace.  This means leisurely browsing activities or restaurant spots to your heart’s desire.  If you enjoy planning, you have time to work and rework your itinerary until it is perfect.  If you aren’t a planner, you can book your vacation and forget about it to keep that spontaneous magic alive.

  1. More Time to Save

When you book your trip early, you can know well in advance what kinds of activities you want to try.  You will have plenty of extra time to save for that special something.  Some companies even provide payment plans, the option to pay in advance, or the ability to put down a deposit, allowing you added financial flexibility.

  1. More Time to Anticipate

There is something about waiting for that big vacation to arrive that is just magical.

If you book a summer vacation during the cold, dark months of the winter, you can beat the wintertime blues by dreaming of your get-away. No matter what, the earlier you book, the more time you have to dream of the perfect trip.

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