How to Unwind After Vacation

Do your vacations leave you feeling so relaxed and happy you might as well be glowing? Do those wonderful feelings come crashing down the minute you step back into reality? Transitioning from the vacation bubble back to the real world can be stressful and negate all the rest and relaxation.

Get back into the stride of everyday life with these 5 simple tips to help you get your groove without sacrificing your good vacation feelings.

  1. Prepare a nice return for yourself. After a long flight there’s nothing quite like kicking off your shoes and relaxing in your own home. Do your post-vacation self a kindness and clean up before you jet off to your destination. That way, when you get back you won’t have house full of chores waiting for you. Plan a quiet evening in to give yourself a chance to catch your breath before diving back into your normal routine. You can prepare and freeze a meal before your trip- try one of these– or plan to order in, so you don’t have to worry about throwing a haphazard dinner together straight off the plane.
  1. Cut back on surprises. You may also want to consider hiring a house sitter to take care of little things like gathering the mail or putting out your trash cans. A house sitter can also keep an eye on things and be your boots on the ground should disaster strike. There’s nothing quite like a burst pipe or flooded kitchen to ruin your post-vacation glow. You can find great house or pet sitters in your area on websites such as
  1. Give yourself something to look forward to. A good vacation is so chock full of relaxation and fun, coming home to the stresses of every day life can be a huge let down. Instead, plan something fun for yourself to do in the first few days after your trip. That way you can spend your homeward bound travel time gearing up for more fun instead of dreading the week to come. It could be a quiet movie night at home, an evening out at your favorite hometown restaurant, a local show, or anything that would keep the good times rolling after your time away.
  1. Give yourself a buffer. Instead of hopping off your flight, rushing home, and jetting off to work the very next morning, build in some time to decompress. It might be tempting to maximize the amount of time you spend at your destination, but taking a day or two to recover from the stress of travel before can help you maximize the relaxation you get from your time away and help you hang on to those vacation vibes a little longer. Having extra time to recover can also help you get ahead start on recovering from jet lag. One good way to build in a buffer is to travel on weekdays. Not only is travel often cheaper during the week, you can use the weekend as a buffer without taking extra time from work. To find the best deals you can compare travel prices on everything from flights to activities on websites like
  1. Take care of your body. During vacation it’s easy to get caught up having a good time and over indulge with extravagant food and drink, loose sleep, and fall off of your exercise routine. And, while a little excess during a good vacation is all well and good but too much can leave you crashing once you return home. One good way to stave off your after-vacation-blues is to make sure you’re taking care of your body. Make sure you’re staying hydrated, take sometime to recover your lost sleep, and eat healthy foods to keep yourself feeling good. You can also boost happy feelings by ramping up your endorphins with some fun physical activities like waking, running, or even dancing. 

Traveling with Fido

5 Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

Can’t stand to leave your loyal buddy behind when you travel? Then don’t! Bring your pal with you no matter where you roam. Make your adventures that much more fun with these five tips to keep you and your pooch safe, happy, and healthy while the good times roll.

  1. Before you jet away- talk to your Vet. Before your trip it’s a good idea to make an appointment with your veterinarian. You’re furry friend is going to need a check up and you’ll want to make sure all vaccinations are up-to-date. Your vet can then provide you with a health certificate declaring them free and clear to travel, but make sure it’s dated no earlier than 10 days before you’re departure. If you don’t already have a copy, it’s also a good idea to travel with your dog’s rabies vaccination record. This is also a good chance to talk to your vet about ways to keep your puppy calm and relaxed during the trip- particularly if you’re planning to fly.
  1. Get the right gear! Whether you’re taking to the skies or hitting the road- you and your pooch are going to need the right travel gear. If you’re flying a good crate is a must! Make sure you choose one that is USDA-approved and is large enough for your dog to stand, sit, and turn around in with no difficulty. Crating can also be a good option if you’re planning to travel by car, either way, make sure the bottom is lined with something soft to keep them comfortable for the journey. If you decide not to use a crate in the car, make sure to get a good harness to secure your pet to a designated seat- this makes driving safer and will protect both of you in the event of an accident. And remember- NEVER leave your dog alone in the car. No matter what, make sure you have a travel kit ready for your pet with important items such as food, bowls, waste bags, grooming items, medication, a leash, and a favorite toy.
  1. Dress your dog for the occasion. A good sturdy leash and collar can go a long way toward making your trip together safer. Get something that fits snugly and won’t slip off of their head. Check your doggy’s identification tags and make sure it’s up-to-date and includes:


  • Your pet’s name
  • You name
  • Your home phone number
  • Their rabies tag
  • Their microchip tag (if they have one)


This is also a good time to make sure your buddy has all of their microchip information updated. You can contact your microchip company and double check the information they have on file. If your dog doesn’t have a permanent form of identification like a microchip this might be a good time to think about getting one. You can check out companies such as HomeAgain, which can make your pet part of a nationwide network in the event that they are ever lost.

  1. Practice makes perfect. Long road trips can be stressful for anyone- especially if they’re not used to long car rides – even dogs. If your dog isn’t used to being in the car for long stretches of time, a little practice can go a long way. Start with short rides around the block and gradually make your practice sessions longer to ease them into it.
  1. Be good neighbors. Once you get to your destination don’t forget to be good neighbors. Keep your pet well exercised, so pent up energy doesn’t cause them to become over excited, too loud, or destructive. Always clean up after your pet indoors and out. It’s also important to keep in mind that some of your fellow guests might be uneasy around dogs, so make sure to give people a wide birth if they need it. If you’re in need of pet-friendly dining options you can look up restaurants that allows dogs in their outdoor dining areas on websites such as: BringFido.

Virginia Beach: 5 Reasons the Off-Season Is Beautiful

Virginia Beach in the off-season is something special

It’s always fun on a Pleasure House Oysters Tour.

Virginia Beach really bustles in the summertime. Every year thousands of people flock to the surf and sun at the Oceanfront- locals and tourists alike. Once Labor Day rolls around, the air begins to change, crowds disperse, the weather cools off, and autumn brings out another side of the city.

The peaceful, relaxed atmosphere of Virginia Beach in the off-season is something special and was have 5 amazing reasons that will make you want to pack your bags and hop on a flight right now.

You can save money:  Traveling in the off-season (i.e. any season that’s not summer) usually means big savings. Since fewer people tend to travel in the fall and winter, companies are looking to fill in the gaps by offering discounts galore. Cash in on discount by using discount websites that let you find the best deals on vacation activities. The best part about finding big travel discounts is you can either pocket the extra or splurge on something else during your trip, such as fancy dining or souvenirs.

Enjoy the quiet and avoid the crowds:  It’s hard to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life when you’re trading one crowd for another. Jetting off to some peace and quiet is that much easier during fall and winter, because the summer crowds are gone. This means, fewer lines, a quieter atmosphere, and a smaller chance that shows or other attractions will sell out as quickly.

The weather is so nice:  At the peak of the summer travel season the weather in Virginia Beach is hot, hot, hot- even late into the night. Balmy evenings on the beach are all well and good, but the fall and winter bring cooler, milder weather that’s refreshing after a long summer. During the off-season it’s cool and comfortable, but still mild enough to enjoy the many amazing outdoor activities that the area has to offer. You can hike along one of the many trails in park like the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, False Cape State Park, First Landing State Park.

Experience the natural beauty of Virginia Beach:  When the mild weather has set in for the season, a whole new world of natural beauty opens up. The foliage begins to light up the sky with reds, yellows, and oranges starting around the beginning of October through November and can be enjoyed for weeks. Once the cooler months kick off many different kinds of wildlife begin to migrate, which brings Humpback whales to the waters along the coast. You can take to the water to see these magnificent creatures up close on whale watching tours like the ones offered by Rudee Tours.

 Celebrate the bounty of the season with delicious food:  Virginia Beach also has a vibrant agricultural community with many farms open for tours, appearing at the Virginia Beach Farmers Market, and offering you the chance to pick your own seasonal fruits and vegetables. You can get in touch with your inner farmer at Henley Farms, learn about cutting edge sustainable farming techniques at New Earth Farm, or even eat fresh oysters straight out of the water at Pleasure House Oysters.

We’d love to have you visit VSA this winter.  Call us at 1-800-340-1158 for the latest packages.

Enjoy your November in Virginia Beach

The holiday spirit is descending on Virginia Beach.

The weather might be getting cooler, but cheer and fun can be found at every turn. This month we’re celebrating the start of the holiday season, the bounty of the harvest, one of the world’s most versatile and decadent sweet treats, and more! If you’re looking for some exciting, unique ways to experience Virginia Beach, look no further.

Thanksgiving Dinner with all the Trimmings

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Celebrate the season and shop locally for of your Thanksgiving dinner trimmings at the Virginia Beach Farmers Market on Damn Neck Road. Saturday, November 18 – the Saturday before Thanksgiving- from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. the farmers market will be hosting a special holiday event. Come peruse locally grown produce and enjoy the bounty the wonderful farms of Virginia Beach. You can even get a jumpstart on your seasonal shopping at the special holiday craft show and market place. It’ll be a party so, stop by and enjoy the beautiful fall weather, live music, food trucks, and more!


Virginia Beach Christmas Market

If you’re excited about Black Friday shopping, but not excited about long lines or chaos, the Virginia Beach Christmas Market is for you! Check out the market at the Virginia Beach Convention Center from November 24 until the 26. Soak up the holiday spirit while perusing unique crafts and goods of all kinds ranging from fine art to pottery, jewelry, stained glass, and so much more. Whether you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift or something for yourself, with more than 250 artisans from around the country each with their own unique style, you can be sure to find the perfect thing no matter who’s on your list. If holiday treats are more your style, 25 specialty food vendors will be offering gift-packaged gourmet goodies of all kinds. Admission for Adults is $8 per person and $2 for children ages 6-12 and free for all children under the age of 6. 


Planes, Trains, and Santa
Calling all model train lovers! The Military Aviation Museum is hosting its 9th annual Model Train Show November 24 through November 26. Model layouts will be on display with instillations provided by clubs and organizations from throughout the Tidewater area. It’s sure to be a weekend of thrills! Keep an eye out for Santa Claus, we will fly in on his very own plane for a meet and greet each day at 11 a.m. Everyone will have the chance to spread some holiday cheer. The U.S. Marine Corps Reserve will be in attendance accepting donations for the Toys for Tots drive all weekend long.


Come visit us at VSA and enjoy your November in Virginia Beach!

Surprisingly People Need This: 5 Reasons to Take a Vacation

The Health Benefits of Getting Away

VIRGINIA BEACH – It doesn’t matter if it is 10 minutes, 10 days or 10 weeks; we all need a break.   Unfortunately, most Americans who are given paid vacation don’t use all of it – or even half.  Two surveys completed by Forbes and Glassdoor showed only 25 percent of Americans take all of their paid leave time. Worse yet, the survey showed of the people who take vacation, more than 60 percent work while away. 

It’s time to buck the trend. Taking vacations is good for your mental health. Here’s why:

  1. Help your heart stay healthy. Taking time off reduces stress, which decreases heart disease. According to The Journal of the American Medical Association , men who took annual vacations were 32 percent less likely to die from heart disease. 
  2. Get the right perspective. Taking a break can give you new insight. Even if you just take a few minutes out of the day, anything from getting fresh air to exploring new destinations, helps clear the mind and inspire fresh outlooks.
  3. Better sleep. Restless nights and sporadic sleep are common complaints, often stemming from stress and too much work. Having too much on your mind that inhibits sleep, which hurts productivity as well as overall health. Getting away from it all helps ease your mind into restful sleep.
  4. Improve Relationships. A five-year study by the Wisconsin Medical Journal showed women who take time off at least twice a year are less likely to be depressed, tired or tense. They are also more satisfied with their marriages.
  5. Have fun. Getting out of the routine of daily life is fun. The surprise and amazement that comes from doing something new has lasting effects on mental health. You may see interesting places and meet interesting people.

Take a break from the humdrum of life and add new stories to your repertoire. These new experiences can ignite inspiration and give life more clarity. Take your health and happiness in hand instead of drudging along from year-to-year. Find your excitement in life. 

VSA is happy to help you plan your next get-a-way.   800-340-1158

Celebrate Fitness and Fun at the Virginia Beach Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon

Get into the Groove

VIRGINIA BEACH – It’s time to get into the groove – with the dance moves and fitness.

This year, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series will be celebrating 20 years of races across the nation. It all started in San Diego in 1998, and has grown to include races spanning the United States, including Virginia Beach. 

This is the 17th year for the Virginia Beach half-marathon event. The races are held each year on Labor Day weekend in conjunction with the American Music Festival. Runners and spectators are treated to a 3-day music festival in addition to miles of music on course and a grand finish along the oceanfront Boardwalk.

Race events include a 5K where runners start at 21st Street and Atlantic Avenue, and follow the course along the boardwalk before ending near 12th Street.

Check out this cool Virginia Beach Rock n’ Roll Marathon and Music Festival Video!

A second event is the “Mile on the Sand” where runners start on the beach near 19th Street and complete the course all on the sand.

The half-marathon is the largest event that starts at 14th Street and Pacific Avenue, runs down General Booth Boulevard, among other streets, and ends at the boardwalk near 13th Street.

The American Music Festival is one of the largest outdoor music events on the East Coast that brings together national, regional, and local acts to play on at the 5th Street Stage, as well as stages in all the parks along the boardwalk. This year, the sounds of rock, jazz, country, R&B, and more will flood the Virginia Beach oceanfront for three sun-filled days during the Labor Day weekend.

Performers this year include: Shadowjack; Joe Gosman Band; Lewis McGehee; Dustin Furlow; The Rhondels; The Noisemakers and many more.

But wait – there’s more.

You don’t have to run in any of the races to enjoy the weekend’s events. Rock Around the Block and win cash prizes in this friendly neighborhood competition. Locals can recruit fellow neighbors to take to the streets on race day with a unique and spirited block theme. The goal is to keep runners and walkers motivated and entertained as they make their way past various neighborhoods to the finish line.

For more information about the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon visit   For more information about the American Music Festival visit

And, of course, if you’re looking for the perfect place to stay for Labor Day weekend, VSA Resorts is the perfect choice!

Play at the Beach

6 Adventurous Ways to Enjoy a Virginia Beach Vacation

There are lots of ways to relax at the beach: relax under an umbrella, crack open a cool drink, play in the surf, or read a book and feel your cares washing away. However, if you’re feeling in the mood for something more adventurous, the beach has a wilder side you can try. Check out our top six recommendations for oceanic thrills that will give you memories to last a life time.

  1. Surfing Lessons that will Let You Hang 10: Surfing is a classic part of life at the oceanfront, and surfing lessons are a great way to dive in. In Virginia Beach there are a lot of different surf schools to choose from such as: VB Surf Session, Seth Broudy School of Surf, and Wave Riding Vehicles Surf Camp. Though it may vary depending on which school you choose, for the most part, you won’t need to bring your own board and lessons are available for both children and adults. Cowabunga, dude!


  1. Fly the Skies with Parasailing: Parasailing is an exciting activity for any thrill seeker. Parasailors wear colorful open parachutes, which catch the wind and lift them high in the air as they are towed behind a motorboat. Companies such as Pirate Parasail and Adventure Parasail offer their customers an amazing bird’s eye view of the oceanfront, but be aware that this view may be from as high as 1,000 feet!


  1. Beachside Horseback Riding: What could be better than a relaxing walk on the beach? Maybe, a relaxing horseback ride? You can saddle up and ride along the edge of the ocean with Virginia Beach Horseback. They also offer sunset rides, so you can enjoy the beauty of the beach at twilight from the back of a majestic horse. You can also choose to have your ride shot by a professional photographer to create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.


  1. Bike through the Sea Breeze: Bikes and sand don’t always mix, but the boardwalk has its own cycling lane to let you pedal through that brisk ocean air. And you don’t need to worry about traveling with your bike, there are lots of rental options right on the oceanfront. Conte’s Bike Shop and Cherie’s Bike Rentals are great options. You can even rent tandem bikes if you want to cruise with someone special.


  1. Fishing in the Atlantic: The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier is nestled between 14th and 15th It is complete with a restaurant, and nearby tackle shop. From Memorial Day on, the Pier is open 24 hours a day for the summer season. Admission costs $10 per adult, $5 per child under 12 years, and $2 per non-fishing spectator. Each fisher can bring 2 fishing rods or crab nets each, but rod rentals are available for $8 each. You can also check out the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier website for updates about the current fishing season and what species you might expect to catch.


  1. Get in Touch with Nature on A Dolphin Kayak Tour: The water off the coast of Virginia Beach absolutely teems with all kinds of marine life. The bottlenose dolphins are particular favorites and can often be seen playing in the surf near the beach. You can take it a step further and experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the Atlantic Ocean and animals such as dolphins or logger head sea turtles during a fun, guided kayak tour. Check out Kayak Nature Tours and Ocean Rentals for rates and details.

VSA is always happy to welcome you as our guest on your next beach vacation. Give us a call to reserve your stay:  800-340-1158.


Plan the Perfect Summer Vacation

Six Tips to Planning the Perfect Summer Vacation

Summer vacations are a great chance to enjoy beautiful weather, explore a new city, and spend time with loved ones. Check out these six tips to help you plan your summer excursion, and navigate any speed bumps the season might throw your way.


  1. Plan For Crowds. Summertime is the most popular season for travel and big crowds can be aggravating when they catch you unprepared. If you’re at a jam-packed festival or theme park, plan ways to keep in touch with your group in case you get separated. Wear brightly colored clothing or bandanas, use a tracking app like Find My Friends, or pick a spot to regroup to find each other in a crowd. If you’re traveling with children use the buddy system or hold hands to keep everyone together.


Beat crowds at the beach by getting there early to stake out a prime spot. Use umbrellas, coolers, blankets, or towels to make your claim. If you forget your beach supplies, the shops on and around the Virginia Beach Boardwalk can supply all your needs.


  1. Choose the Right Time to Travel. Timing is key when it comes to summer travel. Since so many people are embarking on their vacations, airports and highways can get congested quickly. Plan for extra travel time to accommodate all kinds of traffic and keep travel friendly activities handy to stave off boredom. Because many people choose to start their vacations on weekends and holidays, you can avoid a big chunk of the crowd just by scheduling your flight or drive for a different time. Websites such as Kayak and Orbitz can help you compare flights to find the best dates and ticket for you.


  1. Pack for the Sand and Sun. You can’t have summer adventures without summer gear. Of course breezy summer clothing like shorts and sandals are a must, but it’s also a good idea to bring a jacket in case the temperature drops in the evening. You’ll want to be protected from the elements, so don’t forget hats, bug spray, sunscreen, and a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated and safe. If you plan to do a lot of water activities water proof wallets and phone cases could end up saving the day.


  1. Plan Outdoor Fun that Won’t Leave You Feeling Fried. Is there anything more refreshing than a dip in some cool water? Virginia Beach offers so many different ways to enjoy a good splash; you might have trouble choosing. There are miles of oceanfront surf, more tranquil bay beaches, and the area’s only water park Ocean Breeze Water Park.


  1. Stay Cool in the Great Indoors. Summer is the perfect time for fun in the sun, but there’s nothing quite like a cold blast of air conditioning on a hot day. You can stay cool by planning some back up activities indoors, just in case it gets too hot outside. Virginia Beach has a huge number of fun options such as: the Virginia Aquarium IMAX Theater, iFLY Indoor Skydiving, the Virginia Beach Rock Gym, Lynnhaven and Pembroke malls, the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, and more.


  1. Don’t’ Forget Downtime. A vacation is supposed to be fun and relaxing, so try not to push yourself too hard. The heat can be exhausting and dehydration is a very real concern. Scheduling down time is a good way to prevent this. And, it doesn’t have to be boring- catch a movie, find a cool place to read, take a nap, or sit with refreshing beverage and enjoy the sea breeze.

Reserve your summer vacation at VSA!

6 Surprising Facts About Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is a great place to live and visit. But, did you know it has some secrets?

  1. The Virginia Beach is in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Virginia Beach is listed in the famed record book as home to the world’s largest pleasure beach. There are 28 miles of premium oceanfront surf and sand along with an additional 10 miles of beaches along the Chesapeake Bay. This includes areas such as Sandbridge, Chicks Beach, Croatan Beach, and the Virginia Beach Oceanfront area, which all have plenty of room for fun in the sun.

  1. Virginia Beach once recycled a whole landfill.

Today Mount Trashmore Park is a treasured destination for tourists and locals alike, but it was born under unusual circumstances. The park has everything you could want from playgrounds to lakes, and walking trails to large, green hills. The hills are the park’s defining feature and were built by compressing layers of trash with fresh soil, letting the city turn and abandoned dump in to good clean fun.

  1. America was born in Virginia Beach.

    Men and women dressed in Native American Indian costumes dance at the Celebration of Life Pow Wow Festival at Mount Trashmore Park in Virginia Beach.

First Landing State Park gives the city a chance to show off its deep history. The park gets its name from an area marked with a large granite cross, which marks the place where the Virginia Company colonists first set foot on American soil in 1607. These settlers eventually settled in Jamestown, but left their mark on Virginia Beach forever.

  1.   The Chesepian tribe lived in Virginia Beach long before European settlers ever arrived.

Before the 1608 landing, the Chesepian people lived, hunted, and farmed throughout Virginia Beach. They were not members of the better-known Powhatan tribe – the one  Pocahontas was a member of – or their Confederation. Both groups occupied areas of what is now southeastern Virginia, but the Chesepians lived along and closer to the coast in modern day Virginia Beach

      5.  Virginia Beach is the largest city in the state.

Virginia Beach is like a multifaceted gem. With so many industries ranging from tourism, to agriculture, to military services, it attracts tourists and permanent residents alike. This city has an astounding population of more than 450,000 people. As a teeming metropolis, there is always something to do or see.

      6.  Virginia Beach has produced a lot of notable people.

It seems Virginia Beach is a breeding ground for talent. Stars such as: singer and songwriter, Felicia Barton; Olympic gold medalist, Gabby Douglas; music sensation, Pharrell Williams; NFL wide receiver, Percy Harvin; five-time gammy nominee, Juice Newton, Rapper Pusha T; NBA player, J.R. Reid; Actor and “Avenger,” Mark Ruffalo; and musical phenomenon, Timbaland, are just a few who once had ties to the city.

      7.  Virginia Beach has a special bond with the city of Moss in Norway.

There is a statue near the Virginia Beach Oceanfront called “The Norwegian Lady” with an interesting past. In 1891 members of the Virginia Beach community made efforts to rescue the victims of the shipwreck of the Dictator, a ship from Moss, Norway that ran aground near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. As a memorial to those who were lost, the figurehead of the doomed ship was erected on the boardwalk, where it remained until 1953, when it was damaged and then disappeared. In 1963 the city of Moss gifted a bronze replica of the statue to Virginia Beach and erected and exact replica on their own shores, and the two officially became sister cities.

We invite you to explore Virginia Beach – – and of course, stay with us in one of our vacation suites while you’re in town! 

Virginia Beach erects the city’s first Before I Die Wall

The space is to examine common anxieties, contemplate mortality, and better understand what it means to be human.

VIRGINIA BEACH – Art meets the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia Beach – with a twist.

 A weekend of fun, art and coastal preservation kicks off Friday, May 12 at the ViBe Creative District on 18th Street between Cypress and Mediterranean.

The inaugural ViBe Creative District Art Festival will start Friday and run through Sunday. Vendors and art exhibits will be on display and various artists will hold concerts throughout the weekend.

In addition, VSA Resorts will unveil its Before I Die Wall at the event. The Wall is a national phenomenon that has made a mark in more than 2,000 locations, in 76 countries and in 35 languages. The global participatory public art project was originally created on an abandoned house in New Orleans by artist Candy Chang after the death of someone she loved. 

“We are honored and thrilled to bring this trending art work to Virginia Beach,” said Nadine Paniccia, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for VSA Resorts of Virginia Beach. “We are hoping this makes a mark on our community and spurs people to live better lives.”

Each wall is created by local residents who want to make a space in their community to restore perspective and share more with one another. Each wall is a tribute to living an examined life.

NBS News says the wall is “the stuff of everyday life from people of all walks of life… Young or old, rich or poor, the Before I Die wall does make you think as you walk by.”

Participants will have the opportunity to write on the wall and share their thoughts and feelings with others. The wall is located by VSA’s lot on 17th Street between Atlantic and Pacific, directly behind Dough Boys.

In addition to the festival fan fare, Lynnhaven River Now will also be on hand celebrating 15 years of conservation efforts.

For more information:
Shannon Kane
EWR Marketing
P: (757)389-8818

ViBe Creative District Art Festival

When: Friday, May 12- Sun. May 14

Where: 18th Street between Cypress and Mediterranean

Cost: Free and open to the public, concerts charge a fee