How to Unwind After Vacation

Do your vacations leave you feeling so relaxed and happy you might as well be glowing? Do those wonderful feelings come crashing down the minute you step back into reality? Transitioning from the vacation bubble back to the real world can be stressful and negate all the rest and relaxation.

Get back into the stride of everyday life with these 5 simple tips to help you get your groove without sacrificing your good vacation feelings.

  1. Prepare a nice return for yourself. After a long flight there’s nothing quite like kicking off your shoes and relaxing in your own home. Do your post-vacation self a kindness and clean up before you jet off to your destination. That way, when you get back you won’t have house full of chores waiting for you. Plan a quiet evening in to give yourself a chance to catch your breath before diving back into your normal routine. You can prepare and freeze a meal before your trip- try one of these– or plan to order in, so you don’t have to worry about throwing a haphazard dinner together straight off the plane.
  1. Cut back on surprises. You may also want to consider hiring a house sitter to take care of little things like gathering the mail or putting out your trash cans. A house sitter can also keep an eye on things and be your boots on the ground should disaster strike. There’s nothing quite like a burst pipe or flooded kitchen to ruin your post-vacation glow. You can find great house or pet sitters in your area on websites such as
  1. Give yourself something to look forward to. A good vacation is so chock full of relaxation and fun, coming home to the stresses of every day life can be a huge let down. Instead, plan something fun for yourself to do in the first few days after your trip. That way you can spend your homeward bound travel time gearing up for more fun instead of dreading the week to come. It could be a quiet movie night at home, an evening out at your favorite hometown restaurant, a local show, or anything that would keep the good times rolling after your time away.
  1. Give yourself a buffer. Instead of hopping off your flight, rushing home, and jetting off to work the very next morning, build in some time to decompress. It might be tempting to maximize the amount of time you spend at your destination, but taking a day or two to recover from the stress of travel before can help you maximize the relaxation you get from your time away and help you hang on to those vacation vibes a little longer. Having extra time to recover can also help you get ahead start on recovering from jet lag. One good way to build in a buffer is to travel on weekdays. Not only is travel often cheaper during the week, you can use the weekend as a buffer without taking extra time from work. To find the best deals you can compare travel prices on everything from flights to activities on websites like
  1. Take care of your body. During vacation it’s easy to get caught up having a good time and over indulge with extravagant food and drink, loose sleep, and fall off of your exercise routine. And, while a little excess during a good vacation is all well and good but too much can leave you crashing once you return home. One good way to stave off your after-vacation-blues is to make sure you’re taking care of your body. Make sure you’re staying hydrated, take sometime to recover your lost sleep, and eat healthy foods to keep yourself feeling good. You can also boost happy feelings by ramping up your endorphins with some fun physical activities like waking, running, or even dancing.