Experience Nature From New Heights

The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium — an eco-friendly zip line and aerial adventure experience in the trees above the scenic Owls Creek. Kids, teens and adults can all enjoy The Adventure Park and it’s perfect for families or groups too. Up in the trees of the Owls Creek Path you will see wooden platforms at different heights. They are connected either by zip lines that climbers “zip” across or fun challenge bridges that climbers navigate in order to get from one platform to the next. A series of these bridges makes up an aerial trail.

Ages 5 to Adult – Beginner to Expert

Designed for outdoor-fun-loving people, with challenge levels appropriate for ages five through adult, The Adventure Forest’s 170 tree platforms and 13 different color-coded aerial trails range from beginner to expert. They’re great fun for zipping and climbing on your own or with friends or family.

Plus – “The Labyrinth”

A kind of super jungle gym with many of the features found in the trees of The Adventure Forest but scaled down and contained to make a special play area suitable for younger children or groups of mixed climbing ability. Kids love it for birthday parties or anytime.

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